Fundraising Tools

Stay tuned! We'll be adding new tools to support your fundraising activities. 

Recruit Your Team 
Here you will find the poster you can use to recruit your team members. 

Track Your Success 
This fundraising thermometer is the perfect visual to display your fundraising success. 

Corporate Matching 
Click here for the form to submit to your company representative to request a corporate match for your fundraising efforts. 

Donation Form 
Download the donation form to track the donations you receive in person. 

Social Media 
Click on one of the following to use as your profile picture and banner photo for your social media pages to promote your participation in Power of Movement. 
Profile Picture 

Power of a Corporate Team
Why should you put a corporate team together?  Click here to find out!
Show your support! Share details of your local Power of Movement event or karma class at work and in your community!

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